Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ports and lines

For the last two days, Mr. Rochester and I have both successfully stuck the port on the first try where we were able to draw back and see a blood return. This is great news for us! We've only been able to do this because honestly, we have the best home health nurse. She's come to our home once a week to see us since Little Dorrit came home from the hospital - and for the last four days, she's come every day, first to teach us how to use the port and then to supervise us as we do it. Throughout the whole process, she's provided great encouragement and advice to us which has helped us feel better about learning how to use it. However, tomorrow, we're on our own! I feel like we are familiar enough with the process to administer the medicine on our own and we "understand" what we are supposed to do if we stick Little D. and miss the port, it will just be a matter of practicing.

One of the big differences between using the port and using the Broviac is that now when we give Little Dorrit her medication, it's a sterile procedure since we are actually putting a needle through her skin. So, we have to put on sterile gloves, use a sterile field and make sure that nothing contaminates the gloves, needle, field, etc.

Here's a video we recently made of what we did to give Little Dorrit her Ceprotin when we were using the central line. Using the port is a bit different.
I'd love to share how we give her medicine through her port but I imagine it will be awhile - right now there is a lot of crying involved with one person wrestling an angry two year old while the other one attempts to stick the port as sterile-ly as possible.

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Jani said...

She so cute! "All done!" Adorable.