Thursday, February 23, 2017

Learning to use the port

This morning Little Dorrit's nurse came to teach us how to use the port to give Little D. her medicine. Mr. Rochester did a great job of removing the dressing and the needle. Then he administered the medicine while I held down Little Dorrit. She cried a lot but I think, mainly because we have to hold her down. And she hates that. At one point, the nurse was holding her legs while I was holding her arms so nothing "unclean" got in the way of the sterile area in which Mr. Rochester was working.

Tomorrow, it's my turn to learn how to stick Agnes in her port to give her the Ceprotin. Honestly, for me, the whole sterile procedure is a little overwhelming. And I am terrible at it! I know I should think positively but I'm really just being realistic. Before we were able to take Little Dorrit home from the hospital, we had to show that we could perform the dressing change for her Broviac (which is also a sterile procedure). I think I went through about five different pairs of sterile gloves when it was my turn to practice changing her dressing. Tears were also shed. After several attempts, we were able to prove we could perform the dressing change but thankfully, when we got home our home health nurses did it for us every week and spared me the trauma. But this is something different. We will have to access her port every day to give her her medication which means we will just have to get used to it. I know we will but it will just take time.

This is the first picture, I think, we have over our little girl with nothing hanging out of her chest. (Don't mind the books - she loves "reading" books and taking them off the shelves. Also, she's obsessed with the gloves the nurses use.) This sweet thing has many scars on her body but "Though she be but little, she is fierce!" And she is fiercely full of joy. 

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