Thursday, October 13, 2016

{Little} Piano Man!

On Thursday, September 29th, Trotwood had his first piano lesson ever! He wasn't too excited about learning to play the piano because for some reason, he has his mind fixed on wanting to play the banjo. Now, I fully support learning a string instrument (or several) but piano is non-negotiable. When I was younger, I took piano lessons and didn't continue with the lessons when I was a teenager. I wish that I had chosen to take lessons then (or that my parents had forced me to take them) because I honestly love the piano and I love playing even though I'm terrible at it. And when I say I'm terrible, I'm not one of those humble people trying to downgrade their talent. I really do need a lot of practice at the piano. It's on my list to someday get back to but right now, every time I sit down to play, one or both of my children want to bang out a tune so I just let them and no real practicing gets done on my part. Someday, I will have more time to practice! In the meantime, I'll enjoy other people's talents and force my own progeny to practice.


A Little Tidbit: said...

All four of my children took lessons, only one stayed with it and she is good. The other three regret not continuing. Having never had that opportunity and tried to give it to our children, hang in there with yours. They will balk as you are insisting they do it but won't regret it in later years.

Aria said...

Thanks for the encouragement! So far, he is fighting me on practicing but we are persisting! I anticipate it will be a battle most days but right now the battle on lasts 15 minutes. I'm hoping as he gets older, he will actually begin to enjoy it. Imagine that! lol

Jenny said...

Seeing him play would make Willo so happy!