Saturday, April 9, 2016

House of Nerds

This week, Trotwood got his first pair of glasses! For the past few months, when we read stories together, Trotwood would hold the book just a few inches in front of his face to read. When I would ask him to hold the book in his lap, he said he couldn't see the words. Mr. Rochester and I both wear glasses so I knew it was only a matter of time before some sort of vision impairment manifested in Trotwood.

Somehow, when I switched jobs last year, I managed to overlook signing up for vision insurance. Oops. I didn't think we should wait to get Trotwood's eyes examined so I looked into going to Sam's Club optical. Eye exams and glasses were very reasonably priced there and Trotwood had a good experience overall.

Wednesday, Trotwood picked up his glasses after school and Thursday was the first day he wore them to school. He was so excited about the glasses because they have skulls on them and he thinks the skulls just make the glasses so cool. After school on Thursday, Trotwood came home and said a little girl in his class called him a "nerd" because he was wearing glasses. I told him all the great things about nerds and how being a nerd is actually a compliment. And, I also confessed to him that his dad and I are nerds and proud to be called nerds. So, the next time someone calls him a nerd, he just needs to say, "Thanks." He seemed really happy after our discussion and honestly, he wasn't too distraught to begin with.

On Thursday after school, I took Trotwood to the library for an after school workshop on science experiments and he loved it! He was especially fascinated by the Jacob's ladder electrical experiment and the electrical arc it created. Here he is doing nerdy science:

For the past few years, Trotwood has said that he's wanted to be a scientist when he grows up. I hope this dream of his continues to grow with him as he gets older and that he embraces any nerdiness that comes with it.

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