Sunday, November 29, 2015

Bear Crawls & Holiday Tunes

I had great intentions of posting throughout the month of November but things just got hectic. Despite the hectic-ness of life, we had a great month of celebrating my birthday and Thanksgiving. 

Little Dorrit is doing well and over her C-diff (thank goodness) although she did contract a small ear infection this past week. The doctor seemed hesitant to put her on antibiotics because she recently had C-diff but the ear infection manifested the day before Thanksgiving so we just decided to go with the antibiotics and feed her some yogurt to try to bump up her probiotics (C diff is often caused by an overdose of antibiotics - Little D. wasn't on any antibiotics when she got it so we're still not sure how she got it in the first place). Anyway, she seems to be recovering well from this latest infection. 

This month, Little Dorrit has made some great strides in her physical development! She's still crawling and cruising like a champ but she's also standing on her own and started to take a few steps at a time. I was able to capture some video of her doing her "bear crawl." It's something in between a normal crawl and walking. This little girl wants to walk so badly but her balance still isn't right on yet, so she uses this "bear crawl" (that's what her therapists called it) to get quickly from place to place. 


The day after Thanksgiving, we always decorate our home for Christmas. In the past, I've always had this day off from work but now that I've left behind government and non-profits and have joined up with the retail industry, the day after Thanksgiving was a work day for me! Fortunately, I was able to work from home that day so it wasn't a super hectic day for me. So, instead of decorating on Friday, this year we decorated on Saturday, (mostly because we were all sick with colds this past week, except for Trotwood). Trotwood loves to decorate our home for the different seasons and has been humming and singing Christmas tunes the last few days (perhaps not the most reverent of holiday tunes). Well, see for yourself below. (He did this during sacrament meeting today unbeknownst to me.)


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Jenny said...

That little girl really moves! It must be exciting to see her making such progress. Thank you for sharing with us. Great to hear Elijah singing too.