Monday, November 2, 2015

A new week

Over the weekend, I was talking to a friend and she asked me how things were going. I responded with, "Well, we are really glad that this week is OVER."And we were. Last week was exhausting and here's a few reasons why:
  • On Monday, Little Dorrit had a hematology appointment. Thankfully, we did not have to drive three hours to Little Rock because this was one of the two times per year that the specialists from children's come up to where we live. We talked about the possibility of Little D. getting a port to replace her Broviac. She has to be at least 20 pounds before she could get a port and right now she's only 18 pounds. A few days leading up to Monday, Little Dorrit had terrible diarrhea (so bad, it would wake her up from sleeping) and because of this, she developed a really bad diaper rash. We asked her hematology doctor about it and she prescribed her some cream thinking it might have turned into a yeast infection. 
  • Tuesday, Mr. Rochester took Trotwood to get the flu mist and Little Dorrit had her regular occupational therapy appointment. 
  • Wednesday, Little Dorrit had a weight check at her primary doctor's. We are hoping to be able to remove her G-button at some point and that all depends on her continuing to eat by mouth. She's still not a great eater and lately, I feel like she's really digressed with eating. Whenever we try to feed her non-baby food items, a lot of times she will end up throwing that up and more. She used to be really great at eating baby food but now she doesn't even want to eat that and will often throw that up as well. We talked to her doctor about this and we're going to have her evaluated by speech therapy again and possibly have a swallow study done. It's just not normal, especially since she had been doing so well with the baby food before. So, Little Dorrit has gained some weight, mainly because we recently put her on a special high calorie formula but that is really the only nutrition she is getting right now. Wednesday night was also our ward's trunk or treat so we took our kids to that. 
  • Thursday, Mr. Rochester was changing Little Dorrit's diaper and found blood mixed in with her (still) diarrhea which she's now had for a week. We called hematology and her doctor's office and they said she needed to be seen. Mr. Rochester had to be somewhere else that day so I took Little Dorrit to the doctor by myself (which is a good 30-40 minutes from our house). As I'm getting off the interstate, a bunch of warning lights come on in the car, but I'm almost at the doctor's office so I just park and go in, thinking maybe the warning light situation will resolve itself when I get back from the doctor's. The doctor says we need to collect stool specimens because of the blood in Little D.'s stool. So, I leave the doctor's office, armed with my stool specimen kit, load the baby in the car, turn the car on, and the car won't move out of park. After calling Mr. Rochester and our mechanic, we figure out that there is a chip or switch in the brake that is malfunctioning (the brakes work but the chip is sending wrong signals). Thankfully, the mechanic was on his way home, which happened to be near where I was stuck. Tender mercy. He dropped by, finagled something, and the car would move again. The next morning we were able to take the car in and get it fixed. 
  • Thursday night: Mom and Dad are tired because Little Dorrit was up a lot tonight from her diarrhea and rash. 
  • Friday, we spend 3.5 hours of our life working with a state agency to get Little Dorrit's formula paid for. It wasn't difficult to get worked out, just a lot of waiting and signing paperwork. It just took so much time. With everything that was happening this week with Little Dorrit, I was still working and trying to meet a deadline by Friday. Everything ended up working out and I was able to meet my deadline, but I was a bit stressed about it all. On Friday, we also took the kids trick-or-treating at my work, which turned out to be pretty awesome. Oh, and on the way to my office, we dropped off Little D.'s stool specimens. By the time Friday night rolled around, Mr. Rochester and I were just glad to put the kids in bed so we could go to bed ourselves. (Also, lest you think we keep dragging a sick Little Dorrit out to do Halloween things, she acted completely normal during the day and never had a fever this entire week and we kept waiting for her diarrhea to go away.)
So, I feel like the new week has definitely started off better although this week doesn't have to do much to be better than last week. Today, we found out that Little Dorrit's test results came back positive for C. diff and we should have her medication for this by tomorrow. Apparently, C. diff is contagious so I'm hoping no one else in our family gets it.

Tonight, we had family home evening. Our lesson was on being honest and Trotwood picked the activity. With our crazy week last week, we didn't have much extra time to do some our traditional Halloween activities which involve just watching Halloween movies and playing games. So, tonight, we finished watching The Invisible Man and played King of Tokyo with the Halloween expansion pack. Somehow, I'm always the first to die in this game - I blame Mr. Rochester. :) Trotwood is always so sweet about it and recruits me for his "team" after my character dies. 
So, that's that for now. Here's to hoping for a few uneventful days this week that will allow us to just catch up with life.


Jani said...

Oh my goodness! What a crazy week indeed. I'm glad little d's at least got a diahrea diagnosis--could that be causing her vomitting after eating? And what a tiny little thing she is!! That photo of T with mr Rochester is just too cute.

Aria said...

Jan, I'm actually hoping there is a connection between her vomiting and the C diff because there doesn't seem to be any other explanation for it. The vomiting is just so strange and it keeps happening daily...I'm calling the doctor again tomorrow about it.

Jenny said...

I'm always excited when you have a new post and this time when I looked there were several to catch up with. Sorry though to hear about your tough week. I hope that this week is going much better and that the C diff has cleared up and the vomiting too. Please keep us posted. Sending good wishes from S.F. and thinking about all of you with love!