Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Little Dorrit turned one

On September 17th, Little Dorrit turned one. As the date of her birthday approached and then passed, I couldn't help remembering so many of the things we experienced after she was I felt like our lives were in constant turmoil and we had absolutely no control over what was happening. It really is a miracle that Little Dorrit has made it this far and that she is doing so well! We are so grateful

I wanted to do something big and wonderful to celebrate the first year of Little Dorrit's life but my work schedule was really busy that week so our celebration ended up being just our little family. It was simple and sweet. We went out to eat as a family, bought some cupcakes and watched Little Dorrit "open" presents.

I love seeing Little Dorrit grow and learn. She's making fun little baby sounds and loves to mimic other people. Her favorite sounds are, of course, a run of mamamamma's and dadadadada's. She'll also whisper "Hi" to us and she's recently started using what I can best describe as a "Batman" voice. Her face lights up whenever she sees me or Mr. Rochester and she absolutely adores Trotwood. The other day, Trotwood had a day off of school and she just leaned on the beanbag we use to keep her out of the kitchen and watched him for awhile.

Little Dorrit loves to crawl and always wants to be moving, now that she can move. She has a slight little hitch to her crawl sometimes that her physcial therapist thinks is due to some remaining torticollis. Overall, we feel like she's really doing fabulously and hope to be able to celebrate many more birthdays to come.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Just the way he is...

This morning, I took Trotwood to a doctor's appointment and on the way to the appointment, he shared some of his thoughts with me. The thing that was troubling him the most this morning was that he was confused about who made Ultron because in the Avengers cartoon, Ant Man made Ultron but in the Earth's Mightiest Heroes cartoon, Tony Stark made Ultron. So, who really made Ultron? As I didn't have the answer, I just smiled and told him, I didn't know but we could find out. I texted this little bit to Mr. Rochester who replied by saying "Maybe we are doing something right as parents if those are the sort of problems/concerns our child has." Gosh, I hope so! Parenting is tough and I often feel like I'm doing it all wrong. It is my hope that Trotwood has a few more years of just having these types of concerns that trouble him the most. 

I love this little boy so much and want to remember him just the way he is right now with his innocent questions and the joy he finds from little things in life. Today, he marveled at photos of caterpillars and spiders and we read "The Dark" by Lemony Snicket before bedtime. When we finished he said, "I liked that book! I want to talk to the dark but I don't know if it will talk back." Today's clothing ensemble of choice for our big 6 year old boy consisted of: Spider-Man shoes, Spider-Man backpack, Batman lunchbox, Thor t-shirt, Batman hoodie, and more than likely Pokemon undies (although these were never actually verified but it was either that, Avengers, or Skylanders). I am so grateful to have this wonderfully sweet boy in my life just the way he is.