Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Not exactly a trifecta

When I think about a trifecta, I think of the universe and the stars aligning in such a way that three monumental, amazing things happen to create some almost perfect, happy-sigh-worthy situation. Trifecta. In our case, yesterday, we experienced something more of a triad of trials than a trifecta (although I'll still hold out for that trifecta someday).
  1. Saturday, we took our second car to the shop because the tire pressure light was on. They weren't able to get to our car that day so it sat there over the weekend. We found out yesterday they need to order the tire and it should be in today or tomorrow. Random. I know, they need to order the tire? No problem. We have another car and we were a one car family for eight years. We can handle that. 
  2. Last night, I'm driving home from work and Mr. Rochester calls me and says, "I think we have a serious problem." I listen as he tells me he thinks there is a puncture somewhere in Little Dorrit's Broviac (central line). He said he saw blood on the outside of the line and then found some on the changing table. This is serious because her central line is what we use twice a day to give her the medication she needs to be alive. We made several calls to figure out what to do and were told to take her to the ER at Arkansas Children's hospital which is three hours away from us. *sigh*
  3. Trotwood's first day of school is today. And last night, was "Meet the Teacher" night. 
So, really, are these things insurmountable? Nope. They just all happened right at the same time and required a lot of thinking on our part and help from some great friends (and of course, lots of prayer!). But, I think everything will be okay. And admist all of this, here are the tender mercies I've found:
  • Mr. Rochester made it to Little Rock safely and the medical professionals there found the puncture in Little Dorrit's line (and it is a visible hole!). She will have surgery sometime today to either patch or replace the line. I'm guessing they will just replace it. We think she got the puncture from all of the army crawling and climbing that she's been doing lately - the line must've bent in such a way that it weakened in a spot and eventually created a hole. 

  • Mr. Rochester's best friend was able to meet him at the hospital in Little Rock and stayed with him late into the night - I'm so glad he wasn't there alone.
  • Little Dorrit was able to get an IV put in shortly after arriving at the ER which only put her a few hours behind on getting her evening dose of Ceprotin. 
  • Mr. Rochester noticed there could be a puncture in Little D.'s line yesterday around 4:30 which gave us some time to call around and still find a doctor or nurse to talk to to help us figure out what to do. I would have sent them to the local ER but Mr. Rochester felt like he should take her to Children's in case she needed to have surgery. And he was right. 
  • With the help of a great friend, we made it to and from the "Meet the Teacher" last night. Trotwood's teacher seems great! And he was on time to his first day in first grade. AND I didn't cry. I think he's going to do great in first grade. 
  • Our tire should (hopefully) be in today and I'll be able to pick our second car back up. 
  • I have a job that allows me to work from home a lot so when this type of thing happens, being without a car is not too big of a hindrance.  

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