Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cool like dad

I think we found the onesie Little D. is wearing in this photo in the boys section somewhere. She and Daddy match with their glasses and 'staches! 
And yes, this photo was taken at yet another doctor's appointment. Yesterday, Little Dorrit's pediatrician looked at her rash without having her dressing changed. It was changed today because somehow she managed to move the bio patch still under the dressing which helps keep infection away from the insertion site on her chest. The rash still looks bad to me but so far, she hasn't had a fever and she's still acting like her normal self. Today, we had a small incident where Little D. was army crawling around and she turned her head and didn't see the corner of my dresser because it was on her blind side. Somehow, she ended up cutting the inside of her mouth - we think she cut the frenulum in her mouth because it bled a lot. Poor thing. I called the doctor and this doesn't seem to be an unusual injury for a young child. She's doing ok now but it was a bit traumatic for us earlier.

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Jenny said...

Such a sweetheart! Definitely cool like her dad.