Friday, July 10, 2015


Lately, Little Dorrit has been doing a lot of planking. 
We've also witnessed several other yoga poses such as downward dog, upward dog and of course, good ole' child's pose. Unfortunately, we've yet to capture the rest of these on camera although I'm hoping we can at some point.

She's really trying to figure out crawling and has come up with her own version of the army crawl which seems to be a mix between the army crawl and the inchworm. I think it is pretty funny. For some reason, she is especially interested in my flip flops and if she happens to see them on the floor, she makes a beeline for them. 


Don't worry. I didn't let her chew on them. Ew. Although I am considering getting her her own pair of cheap flip flops to chew on but then Mr. Rochester said in jest that will just teach her she can chew on flip flops. 

Physically, I feel like Little Dorrit is progressing really well. She continues to make improvements with her eating and we are positive about her progress overall. 


Jenny said...

Getting so strong and making such progress. Such a joy to see. Keep the posts coming. I know that I am not alone in saying how much I enjoy reading them.

Mary said...

Yay!!! She's AMAZING!!! We LOVED finally meeting her and seeing y'all!!! We miss you So Much!!!