Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Look who sat up for 20 seconds all by herself this morning!

Today, I got to sit in during Little Dorrit's occupational therapy (hooray for a flexible work schedule!) and she is doing so well! I have never seen her sit on her own unassisted for as long as she did this morning. She was so cute sitting there, I almost couldn't stand it! Her therapist said she was really impressed with the progress Little Dorrit has been making and I feel like she's come a long way in a short time too. She loves to roll the length and width of whatever room she is in and she has recently begun trying to push up on her hands and knees.

For awhile there, we were getting really frustrated trying to feed her by mouth and she wouldn't take hardly anything. But, in the last week, she's started to take more from a bottle again so that's progress. Something we have learned about her is that when it comes to food and eating, she really wants to be in control. She can eat - she doesn't choke or gag or anything - she just doesn't want to eat mainly because I don't think she is ever hungry because of the feeding schedule she is on. So, we'll keep working with her on the eating.

I'm getting adjusted to my new job and so far, I feel like things are going well! My favorite part (besides the great people I work with) is being able to see this by my feet occasionally during the day:
Trotwood will be out of school in a few weeks - we meant to find a fun summer camp for him to attend but we never decided on anything. I'm sure we can find some way to entertain him this summer. That's all for now!


Jani said...

What a big girl! I know I say this almost every comment, but she IS such a doll. Love to see her sitting all by herself and YAY for a flexible work schedule!

Seth said...

If you think a road trip for the Indianapolis Temple open house will fit into your summer plans, let me know.

Aria said...

Thanks, Jan! I love your comments! 😀

And, Seth, I'll have to see how far the temple is from us - it would be nice to go to the open house!

Mary said...

Yay!! We love reading about all that she is learning! And I bet you and she both are loving that new work schedule!! We love you!

Jenny said...

Wow! Look at her sitting up all by herself. Great photos and love to hear the news! She is beyond adorable.