Sunday, May 17, 2015

Eight months!

When I don't post for a few weeks, I feel like I lose some of my writing groove and I just don't know where to start. So, here's just a few things:

Little Dorrit is eight months old today! Hooray! We've made it to eight months with the help of lots of doctors, nurses, friends, and family. I really feel like she has mastered rolling over and she has made great progress towards sitting up on her own as well thanks to weekly therapy sessions. She's started "talking" a lot more lately. Overall, she is just a really sweet baby and loves to smile and laugh (well, her version of laughter - Mr. Rochester swears she is physically incapable of hearty, belly laughs). She has her two bottom front teeth and constantly has a runny nose which makes us think there are more teeth on the way any day now. I'm so grateful she sleeps well and most nights we are able to get a good night's sleep (I'm sure her being hooked up to a feeding pump all night helps a lot with that).

This morning we finally had her baby blessing and we are so grateful to everyone who came to be with us in person and in spirit. :) We are especially grateful to our local church leaders for letting us schedule her blessing during our ward conference, which isn't typically when baby blessings are held. I think Little Dorrit just looked beautiful in her dress - I didn't get many photos of her today but I'm just going to dress her up again sometime and have a photo session with her in her blessing gown.

Trotwood has been enjoying T-ball and has one more game tomorrow. It has been fun to see him play although I will admit there were a few days where I looked upwards to the sky with high hopes for rain just so we would have that night free of activities.

A few weeks ago, Little Dorrit got her helmet and so far, that is going well. The biggest complaint I have with it is, we can never really seem to get all of the smell completely out when clean it each day. If you've had helmet experience, I would love any advice. We were told to use only rubbing alcohol to clean it so that's what we have been doing. She seems to have gotten used to it and so far, I feel like we are already seeing improvements in her head shape.

A week ago, I ended my work at the local University where I have worked since we moved to Arkansas almost seven years ago and tomorrow I will be starting a new job with a large corporation in this area. I'm excited about this opportunity but a little nervous too. It's an amazing opportunity for me with a great company which I know will only benefit my career. I know it's the right thing for our family as the position provides a flexible work schedule which is really something we need right now. Mr. Rochester will not be teaching classes next year and he will be able to stay home with Little Dorrit while working on his dissertation. So, lots of new things happening for us this year...Perhaps, I will start referring to 2015 as the Year of Change because that is really what it has been for us.


Jani said...

Her little face is so precious, I love her grin!!! What an exciting amount of changes for you guys. Good luck with your new job!

Mrs. Cinnamon said...

Wow! That is a lot of changes. I think the helmet is precious on her. Her cheeks are so scrumptious!!! I'm so happy for new opportunities for all of you. XOXOXO

Jenny said...

So happy to hear all the news. Figured out from Facebook that you were all together (except Sarah and her family). It must have been wonderful being with each other. Little D. is so adorable. Thanks for sharing information on this blog. I eat it right up!

Jordan said...

She's beautiful! And getting so big!!! So happy to hear of her improvements and all the fun changes this year for you guys! Good luck with your new job! and We will keep praying for you and your beautiful family. :)