Thursday, May 21, 2015


A few days ago, Trotwood received some mail from his best five year old "girl" friend who lives in WI. She drew him a picture of the two of them and it was so sweet! He decided he wanted to draw a picture for her too. So, he drew the two of them and then took inspiration for his other drawings and messages from a spongebob comic book he got on free comic book day. When I saw his drawing, I just laughed because at the moment, I had no idea where he'd come up with the words he'd written. If you can't read it well in the photo, it says: "Right on man! Now close your eyes and be free of your corporeal bodies." Random. But it made me laugh. 

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Mary said...

He is the Cutest!!! Kara can't wait to get this!!! We love you guys!!!