Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well, Little Dorrit and I arrived home from the hospital a week ago Friday night and we were able to spend Easter with our two favorite boys. Everyone we encountered at Arkansas Children's Hospital was super helpful and just nice. I think Little Dorrit got a little spoiled from all of the attention she received from every nurse, doctor, and staff member that came in her room for something. I think the antibiotics she was on must have really been helping her to feel better because she really perked up and continued the smiley trend since we've been home! Tonight we gave her the last round of antibiotics and we are hopeful she doesn't end back up in the hospital again anytime soon. For some reason, this picture didn't upload with my last post so I wanted to share it here from when we were in the hospital.
We had a nice Easter at home where we watched LDS General Conference and just spent time together as a family. Thankfully, this last week has been pretty uneventful except for a few things. Little Dorrit rolled over last Sunday! I'd left her on her back in the living room under her little activity gym while I washed some dishes and I heard her yelling off and on. When I went back in the living room, she was on her belly! Hooray! She did it again later in the week at her occupational therapy session and then on her own a few more times. She still hasn't mastered it to where she can just roll back to front and front to back whenever she wants but this is progress and it is encouraging! Hooray for movements!

Also, we finally took Little Dorrit on a few outings (well, out of the house and not to a doctor's office)! Saturday, we all went to Trotwood's T-ball game and today we all went to church together for the first time. I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of all of us together today...Oh well. Here's one of Little D. in her cute, smocked dress after the fact. 
And, can I just say, watching five year olds play T-ball is just...the most entertainment I have had in awhile. During his game, Trotwood kept trying to tag kids out on the other team but he didn't have the ball in his glove. He seemed to think it was just a game of tag (and so did about half of his team) so there would be this gaggle of little boys all running in a pack toward a little five year old on the other team who was scared out of his wits because this massive pack of boys was running at him. It was impossible not to smile while watching all of this play out. 

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Jani said...

She is just the cutest!!! I love her little smile and that she is a mover now! So exciting. And LOL at your t-ball description. Macie is playing t-ball softball and it is just as amusing. There is one little girl on her team that does the wimpiest swings ever and then refuses to run the bases. She just walks slowly and grumpily Hilarious.