Friday, April 24, 2015


Little Dorrit's physical therapists have suggested that she be fitted for a baby helmet because she has a flat spot on the back of her head. And, even though she has rolled over, she doesn't roll over a whole lot and isn't moving as much as other babies her age (seven months old now!). Although I will say, this past week, she has made vast improvements in that area and actually seems to want to roll over. Anyway, because of all of this, we went to Little Rock last week and Little Dorrit was fitted for a baby helmet. I thought she was going to get really mad during the head scan but she was actually super happy when the head scan was being done.

We introduced Little Dorrit to some solid foods (rice cereal, pears, and sweet potatoes) a few weeks ago and that is going okay. I think I've come to the conclusion that she just doesn't love food/eating/drinking. She doesn't have oral aversion because she will suck on her pacifier all day long and want to put toys in her mouth like any other baby, but trying to feed her from a spoon or bottle can be very difficult. She only takes a bottle if she feels like it and even then we are lucky to get her to drink 20-30 mls. Concerning baby food, she doesn't seem to like having the actual food in her mouth and will often push it right back out with her tongue. Luckily, we have a speech therapist who is working with us on all of these issues and we keep hoping for improvement. This past week, we tried a sippy cup with her and I am hoping that will work better for her.

Despite her dislike of eating, she is gaining weight, thanks to her G-button! On April 15th, she had a well child checkup and she is 16.5 pounds (47th percentile) and 24.5 inches long (2nd percentile). We have a short, chubby little baby and boy, does she have some thunder thighs (and they are so cute)! Trotwood was always such a long, skinny baby, having a tiny, fat baby is a new thing for us. But she is very squeezable and we just love it. That's all for now!


Jani said...

Teehee, look how happy she is! I love rolls and rolls on babies--they are just so kissable! She's a doll baby.

Jenny said...

She is so adorable. I just want to hug her.

Cormorant said...

Aria! She is adorable! I'm just now catching up on months of your life and there have been some tough and great things happening! I'm so happy to hear about your cuddly, chubby girl gaining weight. I love the progress she has made physically and socially. It is so neat to see her grow and develop. I'm sorry about the hospital stay, but it sounds like the entire experience was about as positive as it could've been. We love you and your family, Aria! We continue to hope and pray for developments and improvements. Thank you for sharing your life--good and bad days--with us. Xoxo Becki

Anne said...

So when Sarah was learning to eat solids, she was super resistant, but loved the pacifier. Luckily, my tenacious mother was visiting and wouldn't take no for an answer. She sat with Sarah and would let her such the pacifier for a bit, then remover it, place a small spoonful of food in her mouth, then put the pacifier back in to encourage Sarah's swallowing reflex. There was lots of gagging and spitting out at first, but over her 3 week visit, my mom essentially trained her to accept food! I never would have considered the pacifier as a tool for eating, but it worked for Sarah.

Maybe some subterfuge will help with Miss Dorritt... either way she is lovely.