Thursday, April 2, 2015


Little Dorrit is doing great and we were told today that we can actually be discharged from the hospital tomorrow (if all continues to go well and all the discharge details can get worked out)! Hooray! (Don't tell Trotwood if you happen to see him because we want to surprise him.) Little Dorrit still has to remain on antibiotics until April 11th but apparently, it was determined that this medicine is something we can give to her at home through her broviac. This week, we learned that Little Dorrit is growing two different kinds of bacteria in her blood: stentotrophomonas and Klebsiella oxytoca. Honestly, I don't know a lot about these bacteria except that her doctors seem to have found the right antibiotics to combat it. Her blood cultures have been negative since Sunday and she has been fever free all week.

Our stay at Arkansas Children's Hospital has been great and all the hospital staff on the hematology/oncology floor have been absolutely amazing! Little Dorrit has absolutely loved getting so much attention from nurses, doctors, and techs and she has been full of smiles and excitement whenever they walk into the room. Despite our great stay, we have missed being at home all week and I cannot wait to try to get back into a routine again with everything just in time for Easter and conference weekend. I miss my boys. Thank you to everyone who's called or stopped by for a visit or brought me a meal or sent Little Dorrit a gift! We could definitely feel the love and it was so nice to be able to catch up with friends (and my mom) when they could spare a minute. Also, it kept me from going crazy from being stuck in a hospital room all day for the last six days. I'm not sure I would have lasted 14 days. Although, I will say, I have enjoyed all of her smiles and cuteness and all the snuggle time we've shared. She really is a sweet baby.

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Jani said...

Great news! Happy to hear she has done so well and that you'll be home with your family (fingers crossed!) for the holiday.