Friday, April 24, 2015


Little Dorrit's physical therapists have suggested that she be fitted for a baby helmet because she has a flat spot on the back of her head. And, even though she has rolled over, she doesn't roll over a whole lot and isn't moving as much as other babies her age (seven months old now!). Although I will say, this past week, she has made vast improvements in that area and actually seems to want to roll over. Anyway, because of all of this, we went to Little Rock last week and Little Dorrit was fitted for a baby helmet. I thought she was going to get really mad during the head scan but she was actually super happy when the head scan was being done.

We introduced Little Dorrit to some solid foods (rice cereal, pears, and sweet potatoes) a few weeks ago and that is going okay. I think I've come to the conclusion that she just doesn't love food/eating/drinking. She doesn't have oral aversion because she will suck on her pacifier all day long and want to put toys in her mouth like any other baby, but trying to feed her from a spoon or bottle can be very difficult. She only takes a bottle if she feels like it and even then we are lucky to get her to drink 20-30 mls. Concerning baby food, she doesn't seem to like having the actual food in her mouth and will often push it right back out with her tongue. Luckily, we have a speech therapist who is working with us on all of these issues and we keep hoping for improvement. This past week, we tried a sippy cup with her and I am hoping that will work better for her.

Despite her dislike of eating, she is gaining weight, thanks to her G-button! On April 15th, she had a well child checkup and she is 16.5 pounds (47th percentile) and 24.5 inches long (2nd percentile). We have a short, chubby little baby and boy, does she have some thunder thighs (and they are so cute)! Trotwood was always such a long, skinny baby, having a tiny, fat baby is a new thing for us. But she is very squeezable and we just love it. That's all for now!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Our January 2015

So, it seems our lives have been crazy for a long time now...and I haven't been able to do much scrapbooking. Each year for the past few years, I've started to do project life to document our life but usually around April, I've been unable to continue project life for one reason or another. This year, I decided I would try again but this time, I'm using the project life app to start my layouts and then I'm exporting them out and adding a few things in Photoshop. They're simple pages and I'm using Becky Higgins' project life cards. I'm still way behind this year already but I'm hoping to catch up. Here is our January:

Sunday, April 12, 2015


Well, Little Dorrit and I arrived home from the hospital a week ago Friday night and we were able to spend Easter with our two favorite boys. Everyone we encountered at Arkansas Children's Hospital was super helpful and just nice. I think Little Dorrit got a little spoiled from all of the attention she received from every nurse, doctor, and staff member that came in her room for something. I think the antibiotics she was on must have really been helping her to feel better because she really perked up and continued the smiley trend since we've been home! Tonight we gave her the last round of antibiotics and we are hopeful she doesn't end back up in the hospital again anytime soon. For some reason, this picture didn't upload with my last post so I wanted to share it here from when we were in the hospital.
We had a nice Easter at home where we watched LDS General Conference and just spent time together as a family. Thankfully, this last week has been pretty uneventful except for a few things. Little Dorrit rolled over last Sunday! I'd left her on her back in the living room under her little activity gym while I washed some dishes and I heard her yelling off and on. When I went back in the living room, she was on her belly! Hooray! She did it again later in the week at her occupational therapy session and then on her own a few more times. She still hasn't mastered it to where she can just roll back to front and front to back whenever she wants but this is progress and it is encouraging! Hooray for movements!

Also, we finally took Little Dorrit on a few outings (well, out of the house and not to a doctor's office)! Saturday, we all went to Trotwood's T-ball game and today we all went to church together for the first time. I can't believe I forgot to take a photo of all of us together today...Oh well. Here's one of Little D. in her cute, smocked dress after the fact. 
And, can I just say, watching five year olds play T-ball is just...the most entertainment I have had in awhile. During his game, Trotwood kept trying to tag kids out on the other team but he didn't have the ball in his glove. He seemed to think it was just a game of tag (and so did about half of his team) so there would be this gaggle of little boys all running in a pack toward a little five year old on the other team who was scared out of his wits because this massive pack of boys was running at him. It was impossible not to smile while watching all of this play out. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Little Dorrit is doing great and we were told today that we can actually be discharged from the hospital tomorrow (if all continues to go well and all the discharge details can get worked out)! Hooray! (Don't tell Trotwood if you happen to see him because we want to surprise him.) Little Dorrit still has to remain on antibiotics until April 11th but apparently, it was determined that this medicine is something we can give to her at home through her broviac. This week, we learned that Little Dorrit is growing two different kinds of bacteria in her blood: stentotrophomonas and Klebsiella oxytoca. Honestly, I don't know a lot about these bacteria except that her doctors seem to have found the right antibiotics to combat it. Her blood cultures have been negative since Sunday and she has been fever free all week.

Our stay at Arkansas Children's Hospital has been great and all the hospital staff on the hematology/oncology floor have been absolutely amazing! Little Dorrit has absolutely loved getting so much attention from nurses, doctors, and techs and she has been full of smiles and excitement whenever they walk into the room. Despite our great stay, we have missed being at home all week and I cannot wait to try to get back into a routine again with everything just in time for Easter and conference weekend. I miss my boys. Thank you to everyone who's called or stopped by for a visit or brought me a meal or sent Little Dorrit a gift! We could definitely feel the love and it was so nice to be able to catch up with friends (and my mom) when they could spare a minute. Also, it kept me from going crazy from being stuck in a hospital room all day for the last six days. I'm not sure I would have lasted 14 days. Although, I will say, I have enjoyed all of her smiles and cuteness and all the snuggle time we've shared. She really is a sweet baby.