Saturday, March 7, 2015

Three for three!

On Tuesday, Little Dorrit's last two toes came off! While this sounds sad and grotesque, it's actually progress for her! It's just one more medical challenge she is progressing through. For months, the second and third toes on her left foot have been fused together in a sort of hardened, mummified state. I'll tell you the story because part of it is just funny.

After changing her diaper on Tuesday, I was about to put socks on Little Dorrit's feet when she kicked her left foot out and hit the knuckle of my hand with her mummy toes. She is an active little kicker and one of her favorite things to do these past few months has been to just lie on her back and kick her legs out. Anyway, she cried out immediately, and I saw a little blood seep out under the toes. After a few minutes, Little Dorrit calmed down so I didn't worry too much about it since her toes still looked pretty much the same and the bleeding appeared minimal. Even so, I thought it would probably be good to talk to the plastic surgeon's office at the children's hospital. So, I call and I'm on the phone with a nurse from the department while I'm holding Little Dorrit and the nurse is asking me questions about her toes. I look down at Little Dorrit's feet and am a bit shocked to see that her two toes are gone! I gasp into the phone and say, "Her toes just fell off! Just now!" I think I probably also said something like, "And I don't know where they are!" Because I didn't! I had been walking around the house holding Little Dorrit with one arm and talking on the phone with the other when her toes fell off. Not that it was important that we hang on to the fallen-off-mummy-toes but I didn't want to horrify someone who could possibly "accidentally" find them at my house. As the area-on-her-foot-formerly-known-as-toes had only bled minimally, I put Little Dorrit down and got on my hands and knees in the living room to look for the absent toes. After just a few minutes, my search came to an end as I found the toes camouflaged among the multi-colored print of the rug in our living room. And, no we aren't keeping her toes. We took pictures and that should suffice. 
So, that was exciting. Oh, another exciting thing. We had our first trip tot ER with Little Dorrit last Saturday during a snowstorm (well, an Arkansas snowstorm). That morning, Mr. Rochester was in the the midst of unbuttoning Little Dorrit's pajamas and unintentionally "unbuttoned" her G-button and her G-button popped out! Normally, I think replacing her G-button is something that we will be doing in the future but when we left the hospital in January, they told us to take her to the ER if her button came out. So, we did. We haven't actually been trained on how to replace the button ourselves although I've watched a few videos on how to do it and talked to some other moms. Before going to the ER, we were able to put the button back in and just put some gauze over it with tape to keep it secure. All the ER doctor did was replace her old button with a new one (which we brought with us) and used saline to fill the balloon on the inside of her stomach that secures the button to her. Something I think we can definitely do in the future on our own. Funny thing, this happened on Saturday, February 28th. She was supposed to have an appointment five days later on Thursday, March 5th with gastroenterology to check her button. But, that was cancelled due to more ice and snow so it's probably good we got it replaced when we did.

As you can see, we've had an exciting week full of new and exciting medical adventures! Ha! That's all for now.


Jani said...

Ahhhh, I keep typing a comment and then my phone eats it! Anyway, she is adorable and I love her chunky cheeks and arms!!! The story about her mummy toes is so cute and funny, little sweetie!

Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

Wow!!! What an adventure you guys are having. Someday she is either going to love or hate the story about her mummy toes. Love you!