Saturday, March 21, 2015

Six months

This past week, Little Dorrit passed her six month mark! And, side note, Mr. Rochester and I decided that we really need to start celebrating half birthdays. Not just Little D.'s half birthday but all of ours...and I believe mine is next. *wink wink* Sometimes, our days and nights all seem to run together and finding little reasons to celebrate or things to look forward to has really helped our little family these last few months and helps me see through the next few. Things like visitors and surprise visitors (last weekend!), themed family movie nights, and half birthday celebrations are just a few. Oh, and these amazing photos that Lissa Chandler Photography took for us (check out her blog link for more of the photos)! Seeing them just makes me happy. Here's a few of my favorites:

At six months, Little Dorrit is growing and gaining weight. I think she is about fourteen pounds now and about 23 inches. Sometimes, it is hard for us to see Little Dorrit's progress because it just feels so gradual, which can be discouraging. She still doesn't roll over or hold her head up well although I know all the therapy and tummy time we make her do must be helping her strengthen all those muscles. In the area of bottle drinking, she has kind of regressed and we're not sure she will get catch on to the point she takes all of her nutrition through a bottle. Thank goodness for G-buttons! I think we could probably start trying some sort of solid food with her but Little Dorrit's life has been so regulated up until now, I feel like I need someone to tell me to do a dietitian, pediatrician, or speech therapist. This all sounds a bit dreary so I'll mention some positives:
  • Little Dorrit's protein C level came back last week at 38%. That lab was taken eight hours after her morning dose of Ceprotin. We've switched to every 12 hours now and Little D.'s hematologists feel like she should be fine even as low as 25%. They feel like her percentages would not deteriorate that much more if we continue to give Little Dorrit her medication every 12 hours. 
  • We've heard a few little laughs from Little Dorrit. They still sound a little like a cough-gasp-hiccup rolled into one but we're pretty sure it's a laugh.  
  • We've all made it through random illnesses in our house and have managed to by-pass the flu so far.
On this blog, I do try to stay positive but as I'm sure you've noticed, we do have many rough and worried moments with Little Dorrit and life in general. Just today, Mr. Rochester and I were talking and I said, "I feel like all she does is cry and sleep these days." Obviously, that is an exaggeration because at this very moment she is happily playing in her activity gym (which may last for 10-15 minutes). We, often, do feel the strain of our situation and try to deal with it as best we can and we are so grateful for the love, prayers, and support of our dear family members of friends.

PS The secret package was from my sweet sister in Japan. Love her.


Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I'm so glad you posted the beautiful pictures. I think about you all the time. I hope you feel a moment of peace here and there. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

My mom used to always celebrate half birthdays... We called them unbirthdays (like Alice in Wonderland) and we did silly things like wear our clothes inside out, have ice cream for dinner, watch movies outside, etc. Those are some of my very fondest memories. :)

Thankful Day said...

As you know your mother has always celebrated her own half birthday. Excellent choice. Love to you all b