Monday, March 30, 2015

Little D and a Duck

Little Dorrit continues to do about the same. She is really just her normal, happy self. No fever. We should hopefully know by tomorrow her final blood culture results from Sunday. If they are negative, we can start our 10 day countdown to go home. Unless for some reason, her doctors decide that we can just give her the antibiotics at home with home health monitoring. That would be nice but I feel like they are going to make us stay in the hospital just to be safe. Apparently, this type of infection can be really bad. And, honestly, there is no way we would have known she was even sick if she hadn't had that fever on Friday. So, I'm hoping we caught it early and we get rid of it quickly. 

Today, almost as soon as her therapy team in Fayetteville found out she was sick, they sent over a balloon and a stuffed animal (duck) from the gift shop. It was so sweet! They are the greatest. Then about an hour later, the lady from the gift shop showed up again with a gift card from a friend of mine from high school who actually works at the hospital. We haven't seen each other in years and are planning on visiting tomorrow. This evening, we had a few different visitors and it was nice to just visit with friends for awhile. During the day, I'm not sure what to do with myself when Little Dorrit is napping. And her daytime naps are hardly long enough for me to nap as well. I'm just glad things seem to be going well, so far, and hopefully this infection goes away soon.


Jani said...

Aria, you look beautiful! I love this photo of you and LD with her so mesmerized by her new duck. Fingers crossed you get good news tomorrow!

Pat Wooldridge said...

Beautiful picture. Hopefully they will let you come home soon.

Joeby said...

What a sweet picture of two beautiful girls! Praying for good news for you. Love you bunches!!