Sunday, March 29, 2015

ER Adventures

Before putting Little Dorrit to bed on Friday night, she felt a little warm to me so I took her temperature. As I watched the digital thermometer jump from 99 to 100 to rest on 102.4 degrees, I groaned inwardly. Because she has a central venous line, we have been instructed to take her to the local emergency room if she had a fever of 101 or above. So, I took her temperature three more times, just to make sure and then Mr. Rochester also took it. Same result. So, off she and I go to the emergency room at 8 pm on a Friday night. Of course, when they take her temperature there, it is only 100.7. A big part of me really wanted to just drive back home, give her some Tylenol and put her to bed because her temperature wasn't 101, right? However, after consulting with Mr. Rochester, we decided it was best to see the ER visit through and follow the protocol Little D.'s hematologists established. So, we stayed 4.5 hours at the ER so Little Dorrit could get some antibiotics and some blood work drawn. We went home that night and the ER folks said I would get a call if her blood cultures came back positive. I went to sleep that night, confident I would not be receiving a phone call the next morning. Ha! I was so confident, I even turned on the "Do Not Disturb" function on my phone, so when the call did come, I missed it and wasn't able to return it until an hour after it came in.

When I called back the ER nurse, she stated that she had spoken with Little Dorrit's hematologists in Little Rock and that we needed to be seen in the emergency room at the children's hospital. Little Dorrit's blood had come back positive for gram negative rods meaning she had a blood infection. Mr. Rochester and I decided it was best that I go since I am still on intermittent leave with my work and he can't really miss work. So, I quickly packed and drove the three hours to Little Rock. My mom met me at the ER and we spent another five hours in an ER where it was decided that Little Dorrit should be admitted to the hospital. 

Now, this whole day Little Dorrit has been acting completely normal, actually better than normal! She smiles and coos at everyone and just wants to play. She doesn't look or act sick and she has no fever! By the time they figure out she needs to be admitted, it is late and I am just exhausted and let's be honest, a little bit of a mess. But, there are some angels working at children's hospitals, and they helped us get to where we needed to be and my mom also helped a lot to me settle in. So, here we are in a room on the hematology/oncology floor. (Thank goodness it isn't the PICU!) Little Dorrit is on antibiotics and still acting normally (hooray!). She has to have a negative blood culture before she can be released but they are also saying she may need to stay up to 10 days after her negative blood culture so she can be monitored for fever and so they can ensure her blood cultures stay negative. Right now, I am grateful for the little blessings we have and for having friends and family who live around this area that are willing to help and just come visit.


Jenny said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear that she is back in the hospital, but it sounds like she is getting wonderful care and that they are being extra careful. Thinking of you and sending hugs and best wishes. You and Eddie are the best parents ever!

Jani said...

Bummer that she is back in the hospital. :( But I have to tell you, all my kids pull the ER trick. They will be sicker than sick at home and the second we walk into the ER they are ready to party. Too funny that little miss was the same way. Prayers for her speedy recovery!