Sunday, January 11, 2015


Since we've been home with Little Dorrit, we've had a busy week but we are surviving! It has been wonderful to all be home together and my anxiety level about everything is slowly decreasing as we learn and adjust to Little Dorrit's sleep, feeding, and medicine schedule. Wonderful church members helped make the transition to coming home with her less stressful for us by bringing in meals every single day this past week! It was such a blessing for us not to have to worry about meal preparation as we were trying to keep up with everything. With this new change in our lives, we are just trying to take everything one day at a time. That seems to make it less overwhelming for me at least. I have lots more to share about our first week but it will have to wait. Little Dorrit is on a rather demanding a schedule and at this point, when we get a break, we usually sleep.

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Kel said...

The new normal, we call it. Which will become less new and more normal and the years progress, but of course it takes time. And GOOD FOR YOU for considering very broad goals this year. There are years to keep it specific (SMART) and years to drop every bit of extra and focus on what's in front of you day by day. Lots of love.