Saturday, January 17, 2015

Four months

Happy four months today to our sweet Little Dorrit! We've been home with her for almost two weeks now and we're getting to know her more every day. Sometimes, I still can't believe we finally have two kids living at home with us. So far, here are a few things we know about her:
  • She's pretty sassy even at four months.
  • When she gets mad, she won't open her eyes at all until she calms down but once she does finally open them, she stops crying.
  • She isn't stingy with her smiles...when she feels like smiling. Sometimes, she will just start smiling when she is on the changing table and we aren't sure what she is looking at that is making her smile. 
  • She actually sleeps a lot which is a blessing. (But also sometimes, it worries me. Has anyone else who's had a NICU baby experienced this? I mean, it only seems like she is awake for literally 6-8 hours a day. I know all babies are different and I should just stop worrying and see it as a blessing...and she is not a normal baby...and she is on a pain medication that may make her drowsy.)
  • She absolutely loves her little activity gym and will just kick her little legs while has using both hands to grab at things that hang down.
  • She really likes music, especially when Mommy sings to her. It's true! And when Daddy plays the guitar for her.
  • She pretty much hates tummy time, (Seriously, does any baby like this?) but she really needs to do it because even at four months she has very little muscle control in her neck
This past week, we started our slew of doctor appointments in Arkansas and have to travel to Little Rock this coming week and the week after for several appointments. Little Dorrit is currently a little over 12 pounds and around 22 inches long. She is short little thing. Her three toes on her left foot are still hanging on and we have an appointment with a plastic surgeon next week to monitor her toes while they continue the process of self-amputation. Also, I really am not sure what is going on with her right eye or if anything can be done to help it - we are meeting with ophthalmology this week as well. She doesn't always open her right eye and it seems to stay closed more when she is getting sleepy. It also leaks tears throughout the day, her eyelid seems red sometimes and I swear her eye itself is red...but she doesn't cry or anything if you gently touch her eyelid or the area around her eye.

We feel like she is making great strides at home and next week we should also start having physical, occupational and speech therapy appointments in our home. Because of flu season and Little Dorrit being such a tiny thing still (and having just gotten out of the hospital), we have been advised to keep her home as much as possible to minimize her exposure to disease. If Little Dorrit contracts so much as a fever, we have to take her to the ER because it could mean she has an infection in her Broviac and that is a central line to her heart. And, an ER trip may likely send us to the children's hospital in Little Rock three hours away and we'd rather not have to stay at another hospital anytime soon. So, we are just going to play it safe for now.


Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

So many happy and overwhelming things in this post! Baby smiles are awesome. Millions of appointments not so much. But I just can't believe how far she has come!

Cynthia said...

I'm so happy she's doing well.

Mary Rogers said...

I have been following your journey and am so happy she is home.

She may have a blocked tear duct, but I am sure the doctor will be able to tell. Sometimes just massaging the area will help open it up. It seems odd that when they do it leaks, but Hayden's did that all the time and ended up having surgery to correct it at 14 months.

As far as sleeping, the meds for sure may be doing that - plus her little body has been through so much it might just be her way of coping and healing.

Jani said...

Look at that sweet four month old! She is just a little doll. E used to smile at nothing all the time, too. Well, nothing that I could see anyway. :) love her.

Bryan Montgomery said...

She is beautiful! Bryan and I live in Little Rock now, so if there is ever anything you need while in the area, please let me know.

Cormorant said...

I love seeing her beautiful smile! What a happy, sweet girl! So glad you get to have her at home with you! xoxo