Saturday, December 27, 2014

FP Time

This little darling is wearing me out! Last night, Mr. Rochester and I arrived at St. Louis Children's Hospital to stay with Little Dorrit in the FP Room. Honestly, I'm not sure what FP stands for but I like to think of it as "family practice." It's a hotel-like room in the NICU where parents can stay with their NICU baby in more of an environment that simulates being at home. Parents are in charge of providing care for their infant but have the ability to call nurses, etc. if they need help. So, it's practice for parents before taking their baby home. Here is what our room looks like:

So far, this has been good practice for us and I feel like I have called on the nurses this morning more than I would have liked. Like any parents of a newborn, Mr. Rochester and I are tired and I am trying not to feel overwhelmed by everything regarding her care. Today we've had a fussy baby, a super blown out diaper, and a Broviac dressing change which was a bit traumatic for both the dresser (me) and the dressee (Little Dorrit). Thankfully, Little Dorrit is sleeping at the moment, hopefully recovering the energy she spent screaming about my attempts to change her Broviac dressing.

Yesterday, on the drive up, we weren't sure if we were going to make it to St. Louis because we got caught in a random ice/snow storm in southern Missouri and the roads quickly became treacherous. We stopped for a few hours and the weather eventually cleared up although according to the weather radar, it looked like we would be traveling just behind the bad weather. We took a chance and kept going and we were blessed with no other weather issues the rest of the drive. Among other things, we left our bag of toiletries at home. So, as always, it is an adventure coming to St. Louis and we are trying to laugh at our little mishaps and count our many blessings.

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Julie said...

Sounds like the perfect transition type of room, and one step closer to getting her home with you!! Hooray!