Friday, November 14, 2014

Keepin' on

Mr. Rochester spent this past week in St. Louis with Little Dorrit and here is a brief update:

  • Little Dorrit is slowly being weaned off of her morphine and other drugs that keep her "comfortable" and she seems to be handling that change well so far.
  • She is still being fed her special formula through a feeding tube and gets her feeds at 1.5 hour intervals.
  • Her three toes continue to go through the natural process of necrosis and have begun flaking. (I'm writing this more for my own benefit so sorry if it grosses anyone out.) Her toes still get treated with Betadyne a few times a day to help them stay clear of infection throughout this process.
Because of impending winter weather, I drove to St. Louis to get Mr. Rochester today and we are on our way back now. I hate to leave Little Dorrit alone at the  hospital, but Mr. Rochester has to get back to work and in the last few days, I have contracted a nasty cold so I can't even go into the NICU to see her. Maybe this is the Lord's way of telling me to slow down. I know Trotwood will be glad that we can all be together again at home, for a little while at least. It is also a comfort to me to know that Little Dorrit has some amazing caretakers where she is. When I am at the hospital, I can see that these medical professionals actually love my little girl and that makes leaving her in their hands a little less hard.

We are so grateful our little girl is making strides. Here is a sweet photo Mr. Rochester captured of her "smiling" in her sleep. I think she kind of looks like a little smiley marshmallow baby in this photo.

Although she has been making progress, we do realize that she is still very sick and has many challenges ahead of her. We truly appreciate your continued prayers.


Nonnie Light said...

Awww..what an absolutely beautiful and precious smile.

Crystal reser said...

awwww my little cousin is sooooo beautiful i'm praying for you sweet angle soon you will be home chasing you big brother love you..

Jenny said...

That smile! So precious. Aria, Hope you feel better soon.

Kelly said...

Such a pretty girl! How much does she weigh now? I hope you start feeling better this week!

Jani said...

That is the cutest little smile! Gotta love those gassy grins that hint at the smiles to come.