Sunday, November 23, 2014

Always an adventure

Going to St. Louis is always an adventure for us. We traveled up to St. Louis on Friday and then came back on Saturday, a bit sooner than we planned, due to an unexpected visit to the ER early Saturday morning. In the wee hours of the morning, I woke up feeling very sick and after the loss of much bodily fluids, we went to the ER. Normally, I wouldn't go to the ER for this sort of thing and in fact, in all my 34 years, I have never been to the ER before for myself, but that morning, my body was almost completely numb and my hands cramped up so much I couldn't move them. It was pretty scary. So we went to the ER and they told me I was severely dehydrated and that my potassium levels and electrolytes were really low. After getting IV fluids, potassium tablets, anti-nausea medicine and some rest, I feel much better and hope never to experience gastroenteritis again.

Consequently, our trip this weekend became much shorter than we originally planned. Of course, we were disappointed that we were unable to spend much time with Little Dorrit, but we also tried to recognize the little tender mercies bestowed upon us this weekend, such as:

  • We got to spend about 3 hours with Little  Dorrit on Friday night. She continues to do well in her recovery. That evening, we had an encouraging talk with one of her doctors about the possibility of scheduling in the near future some surgeries Little Dorrit will need before she comes home. More on this another day.
  • Trotwood had a great time playing in the hospital's sibling playroom while Mr. Rochester and I visited with Little Dorrit on Friday night. Afterwards, Trotwood wanted to say goodnight to his sister and  then didn't want to leave her stating, "She's just too cute to leave." We agreed, of course, and it warmed my heart to hear him say that about his sister.
  • We stayed at a place called the Haven House this weekend. It is a little more expensive and farther in distance from the children's hospital than the Ronald McDonald house, but we can usually get a room there as they take reservations - it's the same type of lodging for families with children in the hospital but you have your own bathroom in your room. It would have been so.much.worse to be so sick somewhere like Ronald McDonald where there are communal bathrooms.
  • There is a hospital and emergency room literally across the street from the Haven House.
  • There was absolutely no one in the waiting room at the emergency room when we got there at three in the morning so we did not have to wait.
  • So far, thankfully, Trotwood has not gotten sick and Mr. Rochester has not fallen severely ill although he did get sick.
So, tender mercies. We miss Little Dorrit and are sad we didn't get to spend a lot of time with her this weekend. But we remain hopeful for her continued recovery and more peaceful stays in St. Louis in the future.


Amber T said...

Oh my goodness!! How can we help? We can bring food, visit, have Trotwood over, all of the above... Just say the word!

Aria said...

Thanks, Amber! I think we have all recovered and thankfully Trotwood still hasn't gotten sick. Of course, we always love visits! :)

Jani said...

Wow, that sounds horrible Aria! So glad you are feeling better. Your new place to stay sounds much nicer, though, what a relief! And with everything happening in that area this week, I'm kind of glad you guys were safe at home.