Tuesday, October 14, 2014

SLCH Cribs

In my last post, I mentioned that Little Dorrit was moved into a crib this past weekend. She went from this setup:
(can you find the baby in the photo above?)
to this
We also did some minor attempts at decorating the room for by putting up some of her outfits and colorful blankets throughout the room. Trotwood's contribution includes Superman and Wonder Woman "guys" and a few Scooby Doo coloring pages taped to the windows. We added a few little lovies to Little Dorrit's crib and the NICU found a nice little mobile to hang that also plays music (which she seems to really like). Most of what we have for Little Dorrit are things that were given to us for her older sisters and we have just kept it all throughout the years hoping we'd be able to use them at some point. And we are keeping that hope alive!


Kelly said...

I love those cute little cribs! How exciting that she is progressing. Im glad she's off the nitric and gets to wear clothes now. Her room looks good. We still pray for you all and are always thinking of you!

Jani said...

Aria, Macie asks me every day how little baby A is doing, I can't wait to show her these photos and tell her in the morning how well she is doing. I love seeing this. Beautiful beautiful blessings.

Julie said...

Aww, this post just makes me happy! Hooray for small victories! May they just keep coming and coming :)

Mary said...

Loving these precious pictures!! I'm tearing up...You've made her room so beautiful!! What a beauty she is!! Love you all!!