Monday, October 13, 2014

No more nitric

Just a quick update. Little Dorrit came off of the nitric oxide yesterday and seemed to do fine. They are working on weaning her down on her pain medications but they also want to make sure she is still comfortable. This seems like a slightly tricky process but I am sure it will get worked out. Little Dorrit graduated to a crib in the NICU which is something patients are moved to when they are more stable. Yay! And she can wear little nighties and hats and the nurses will swaddle her with our own blankets. Each weekend we slowly try to add more color and decoration to her room to make it more her own. I'll try to post some photos tomorrow of her new bed and her room. It's been so wonderful to finally be able to hold her these past few days. Although she is still very sick and has many challenges ahead of her, we still  continue to hope for more good news as more tests and imaging will probably be done over this next week. 


Darla Benedict said...

We look for updates daily and can't wait to hear of her continued progress. We love you!

Mary said...

Yay!!!! We love love love this!!! What great news!! We are praying for her continued progress!! Love you all!!

Natalie R. said...

So exciting!!!! This is wonderful news!!! :-D