Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mystery or miracle?

Many of Little Dorrit's caregivers keep referring to her as a mystery. I keep wondering if perhaps we are experiencing small miracles. For the first few weeks of her life, Little Dorrit had ultrasounds of her head every day to try to monitor blood clots and flow in her head. At that time, she was too sick to move to get an MRI and the ultrasound was all they could use to look for clots despite it not being the most accurate technology to use for this. Successive ultrasounds revealed no blood flow in Liitle Dorrit's superior sagittal sinus indicating that she had a clot in her head. We worried about this and what it could mean. When she was finally able to get an MRI of her head, no clot showed up on the study. Mystery or miracle? Or mistake of the ultrasound? 

The last week or so Little Dorrit has had  unexplainable pleural effusions. When she had her lymphangiogram, for some reason, the dye that was injected in her that was supposed to move through her lymphatic system and reveal leaks, etc. never actually made it to her lungs. It seemed to get stuck below her chest area. This indicated a problem or even a malformation of her lymphatic system which is why she had an MRI of her chest and abdomen yesterday. According to a nurse practitioner we spoke with today, the results of yesterday's MRI did not show any abnormalities or clots in Little Dorrit's lymphatic system. Mystery or miracle? 

Little Dorrit is slowly beginning her feeds again of the special Enfaport formula and she is still slowly bring weaned from her tidal volume pressure on her ventilator. Even though I know Little Dorrit is still very sick and that she may continue to encounter even more challenges to her recovery, I'd like to think that small miracles are happening for her and that any mysteries or mistakes will be solved and resolved. 


Mary said...

Love the miracles and tender mercies she is experiencing!! Thank you for your wonderful example of faith!! She is so blessed to have such wonderful parents!!! We are continually praying for your sweet baby girl!!! Love you all!!

Jani said...

I love the way you think, she IS a miracle girl!

Nonnie Light said...

I hope and pray that the mysteries continue to be miracles. Your sweet baby, you and your family continue to be thought of with love and in prayer.

Cormorant said...