Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More service

Wow. Tonight all of the youth from church came over to our house to do a service project for their Wednesday night activity. So many people showed up to work in our yard and do some deep cleaning in our house. Many of the young men and women planted flowers and added mulch to our flower bed out front while others cleaned baseboards, dusted inside our house, and did various other cleaning. Another friend from church led an effort to cut down the Bradford pear tree in our front yard we've been wanting to get rid of since we moved into this house four years ago. We are so grateful to everyone who provided yet even more service to us. With being two weeks post C-section and having a baby in the NICU, pretty much the last thing on my mind is what our house looks like on the inside or outside, but having it look and smell clean and feeling like our yard is trimmed and neat really does make a difference. Plus, it was really nice to visit with our friends from church and once again feel their love and support. Here's a group photo (I know I cut some folks out by accident). And, yes, that is my son in the superman shirt on the front row - he was in absolute heaven tonight with all of the youth everywhere at our house!
Our update on Little Dorrit today was that she is in a stable condition and seemed comfortable with the sedation she is currently on. She is very swollen from all of the fluids she has been getting and her lack of mobility because she is always sedated. The focus today was on trying to get some of the fluid out of her by giving her diuretics. The thought was that getting rid of some of the fluid would better enable her to begin being weaned off the oscillator. We keep praying that the protein C concentrate and blood thinners she is getting will help her regulate her clotting and bleeding factors. 


Kelly said...

Elijah does look so happy, and I love this post; makes me smile! We are always praying for sweet Agnes and her doctors. We love your family!

Jani said...

What a blessing to have a clean home inside and out! Your sweet boy looks adorable there with all the big kids and thrilled as can be! You are always, always in our prayers.

Jenny said...

I'm so happy to see your family surrounded by so much love! Elijah looks so adorable. It's really good that you are getting a chance to rest and heal, and it sounds like little Dorrit is doing the same. (That's what Sasha and I now call her.) Here's to a lot more healing and improvement in the coming days/months!