Friday, October 17, 2014

Happy One Month!

Today is Little Dorrit's one month birthday! Although since her birth, we have not experienced with her the traditional first month of a baby's life including late nights at home and daily interactions, we have still tried to get to know her and learn who she is to the extent that we can. In the spirit of celebrating her one month of life, I'm going to share a few things we have learned about her so far.
  • She does not like having her diaper changed.
  • Her left hand is her "grabby" hand as termed by her nurses. Little Dorrit has tried to yank out various tubes with this hand on many occasions.
  • She likes to kick her little legs.
  • She looks good in peach.
  • We think she will probably have brown eyes.
  • She has her mother's toes (well, seven of them).
  • She likes music.  
  • She has quite a temper (which she did not inherit from her mother).
Little Dorrit was scheduled to have an MRI today but that was delayed because more fluid has accumulated in the space around her lungs. The plan is to drain that fluid again tomorrow morning. They were going to do it tonight but her INR (blood levels) are not where they should be yet to do this sort of procedure. Once again, her poor little body is super swollen, especially her head and she looks like a little marshmallow baby. 

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