Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I always thought it would be fun to be one of those moms who made all of their kids Halloween costumes. Sadly, my sewing skills are lacking much and I have a bad tendency to start projects and not finish them. For the past few years, Curious George has been a huge part of Trotwood's life and I just love how much this kid loves George. About a year or so ago, we bought Trotwood a stuffed Curious George and he still sleeps with it every night. So, this year for Halloween, we suggested that he be the Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat and he got really excited about it. We actually suggested this before Little Dorrit was born and at the beginning of this week, I was pretty sure his Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat costume was not going to happen mainly because I'd unsuccessfully scoured the internet for a pair of boys yellow pants or white pants that I could dye in his size. Whenever anyone asked Trotwood what he was going to be for Halloween, he proudly told them he was going to be the Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat so I really wanted to make it work. On Monday, I had a moment of revelation and looked on the internet for any children's yellow pants and found some available via Amazon Prime (which is a procrastinator's best friend). Just don't tell Trotwood that we didn't purchase the pants in the boys section. 

The pants arrived about an hour before our ward's Trunk or Treat on Wednesday night. I used yellow dye to dye a white dress shirt that was almost too small for him. The hat took several hours to make and I may have shed a few tears in the process. It hat is made out of a felt hat, floral styrofoam, yellow felt, quilt batting, black ribbon, and lots of hot glue and duct tape. Mr. Rochester saved the day and helped me finish up the hat after I had a minor crisis and he also made the tie out of yellow felt. 
Trotwood loved wearing his Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat costume at the Trunk or Treat and when he heard me criticizing my work on the hat, he told me several times how much he loved the costume and what a good job he thought we did. He can be such a sweet boy. For trick-or-treating tonight, he decided he only wanted to wear his Man-with-the-Yellow-Hat costume for a little while and then he wanted to change into an Iron Man costume that we've had for a few years. I suspect his desire to be Iron Man stemmed from the Trick or Treat bag that his Meme sent in the mail. Trotwood had an eventful night and literally ran from house to house trick-or-treating making his own sound effects and pretending to fly as Iron Man. 
In an effort to focus on the "happy" part of Halloween, we decided to establish a few new fun traditions. We made this potato soup and ate it in bread bowls while watching part of the movie Hocus Pocus. Then, we went trick-or-treating for a little while and came back so we could pass out candy while listening to spooky Halloween music. I think one of Trotwood's favorite parts about Halloween is passing out candy - every time the doorbell rang, he got so excited and ran to the door saying "Let me! Let me!" In between answering the doorbell, we played a board game together called King of Tokyo and then finished up our Halloween movie. All in all, it was a great evening. Just what we needed today.  

We did get Little Dorrit a Supergirl costume and I'm looking forward to getting photos of her in her costume from the nurses. 


Jani said...

That costume is adorable, I am so impressed how you cobbled it together! That hat just makes the costume, I am so impressed. Miss LD is Supergirk, what a great costume for her!

Joeby said...

LOVED the man in yellow costume! You did such a great job! And who can resist Ironman? Love you!! Meme ;)

Mary said...

Aria! You are amazing!! He looks GREAT!!!! Love you!

Jenny said...

Adorable costume for an adorable boy! Looking forward to seeing more of super girl! Shared the photos with Willo, as we are visiting her this weekend.

Nonnie Light said...

Excellent job on the costume. I showed the pictures to Will (6) who is a huge Curious George fan and he gave your efforts two thumbs up.