Sunday, October 5, 2014

A museum and a ventilator

Although I don't think we can bring Trotwood with us every time we go to St. Louis, Trotwood sure seemed to enjoy being with us this weekend. He got to spend some time with our good friends and their kids - they went swimming at their hotel, played games and also visited the St. Louis City Museum on Saturday. On Saturday, after Mr. Rochester and I said our good-byes to Little Dorrit at the hospital, we met up with our friends at the City Museum. That place is amazing! It's an old warehouse that has been turned into a giant indoor playground full of tunnels and slides and all sorts of things to climb on, over, and under. I just mostly sat and watched but when I'm not just two weeks post C-section, I think it would be super fun to go back and climb around with Trotwood there.

I'm also glad we brought Trotwood with us because I got to see random things like this - Trotwood slumped in his seat with his monkey backpack/leash on trying to sleep against the window while clutching a stuffed Spiderman guy. 
Also, he grabbed our phones at different times and took photos in Little Dorrit's room from his perspective. I'll have to post some of those on the blog at some point because they are kind of neat.

We arrived home again tonight and I feel like this time our visit to St. Louis was more encouraging, at least for me. Yesterday, we sat down for probably an hour with a neonatologist who is working with Little Dorrit and although, the doctors don't downplay how sick she is, they also tell us when she is making improvements and at least, today, I'm finding comfort in that. As of 3 pm today, she has been moved from an oscillator to a conventional ventilator and we are hope hope hoping she will be able to tolerate that. So far, so good. Pray that she can tolerate the ventilator as being on this type of breathing apparatus will help her get better, be a bit more mobile, and allow the doctors to do different tests on her that they are unable to do when she is on an oscillator. Also, if she stays on the conventional ventilator, the next time we see her, we can probably hold her! Exciting!

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Jani said...

Praying, praying, praying for her to continue to do well on the ventilator! I'd love to see the photos that Trotwood took--it's always so neat to see what kids think are important and noteworthy. Love you!