Sunday, October 26, 2014

40 Days

Just a quick update. Little Dorrit's swelling has gone down quite a bit which is great! Her face looks so much better! However, she is still leaking fluid into her pleural cavity at about the same rate. All of this fluid is being measured when it drains from the tube in her chest. This condition is still being monitored and Little Dorrit should be getting an MRI of her abdomen in the next few days to help provide answers as to what is happening there. For some reason, I am really worried about this. Poor Little Dorrit has already faced so many challenges in her 40 days of life, I hate that more keeping coming at her. This morning when the doctors were rounding they mentioned she was 40 days old. I can't believe it's been that long - 40 days seems like such a long time and yet it has all just flown by.


Jani said...

Goodness, this poor baby, I hate that she is still so sick. BUT I do know that she is a loved and precious daughter of amazing parents who are fighting for her every step of the way, that her doctors are working tirelessly to figure out her ticks and solve them, and most important, that the Lord is mindful of you and her. That he hears your prayers on her behalf and the prayers of all the countless others being raised daily. I hope you will continue to get answers and find solutions to all her challenges. And we will keep praying.

Kelly said...

40 days! It's funny how it flies by yet some days feel so long. I'm sorry it's still so up and down. I still appreciate the detailed updates and we continue to pray for her! And for you! Love you :)