Saturday, September 27, 2014

Love, prayers, & support

Since the birth of our daughter, we have been surrounded physically and virtually on the web with love and support from family and friends. We appreciate so much all of the texts, emails, and phone calls we have received. One of our dear friends even asked if she could set up a fundraising page for us to help us with medical bills, travel costs, and other expenses. We are so thankful to her for starting this as it is something that we would never have done. She named the page Aid for the Andrus' and since others have asked me about this, I wanted to post the link here: Please feel free to share this link however you like. The photo of Little Dorrit on this page is the only photo we have posted of her so far as she is so hooked up to machines and tubes.

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Sylvia said...

Just donated - I hope Little Dorrit continues to improve and that your lives can return to normal soon.

One very minor comment re: the gofundme campaign: all the instances of "Andrus'" should be "Andruses" (plural, no apostrophe). It's maybe a dumb thing to be bugged by, especially when a baby's life hangs in the balance, but I've been an editor since age 7 (30+ years!) and I can't turn off this curs├ęd vision...