Monday, September 29, 2014


We left St. Louis today. All our doctors and nurses were very supportive of our decision to go home for a few days. I know Little Dorrit is in good hands where she is and that I can call and check on her any hour of the day, but my heart still broke a little when it was time to leave. I've missed Trotwood so much - when we were all reunited this evening, it felt so good to hold him in a tight hug. He was curious about his sister and asked if she was still at the doctor's. We told him yes she was and she would have to be there for a long time.

Our call from the NICU today told us that Little Dorrit's head ultrasound showed improved flow in the area where a clot was thought to be. Unfortunately, some other "dots" showed up on the ultrasound that could be bleeds...the neurologists don't know for sure though because Little Dorrit is too sick to move. And because she is on an oscillator and not a conventional ventilator, she cannot get an MRI or CT scan. Those scans would tell us more about her brain/head condition. Even if we knew for sure that the dots were bleeds, her treatment at this point would still be the same. Please pray that she will be able to get her clotting, bleeding, and breathing under control. 


Katie @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I so wish my health allowed me to fly out and just sit with you. I'm glad you made it home and got to hug your (big) baby. I still call Norah my baby, and she has finally stopped correcting me. Love you.

Jani said...

I can imagine how you fee torn in two right now, but I'm so glad you could love on Trotwood tonight and be with your boy. Hugs and prayers.