Friday, September 19, 2014

Improvements & Names

With the help of many medical professionals, our baby girl has made some improvements! Her blood sugar is back to normal as well as her platelet counts. A brain scan revealed that she does not have a brain bleed. Hooray!! Mr. Rochester and I were so relieved to find that out. We are trying to celebrate these small victories even though she is still a very sick baby. Our team of doctors is still working to figure out what caused all of this.

She is still completely reliant on a machine to help her breathe. Yesterday, she was on a ventilator but needed more help with her oxygen saturation so now she is on a high frequency ventilator called an oscillator. We are so thankful for all of the medical technology and talented specialists that are helping our baby keep fighting.

Good news on the name front! Our baby does finally have a name and her pseudonym on this blog will be Little Dorrit as in Charles Dickens' Amy Dorrit.  I will post her real name on Facebook and if you're not on Facebook and would like to know, just text or email me.

We continue to hope and pray that our baby will soon recover and be able to breathe on her own. From the way the doctors are talking, I have a feeling we will be in St. Louis for awhile.

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