Sunday, September 28, 2014


After Little Dorrit's procedure yesterday, Mr. Rochester and I were worried she would have a bad night or some adverse reaction to the procedure such as bleeding, clotting, or something else we hadn't encountered yet. We went to bed last night and went the entire night without getting a call from the NICU. Relief. This morning, I felt like I should call but I was nervous to call. I guess I thought the NICU would give me bad news even though I knew they would have already called me if something had happened.

Mr. Rochester and I found a local ward building very close to where we are staying and attended sacrament meeting this morning. At one point, Mr. Rochester and I just exchanged looks - the first speaker spoke on Elder Uchtdorf's April 2014 conference talk "Grateful in Any Circumstances" and we noticed that the last hymn was "Count Your Blessings." Both the reference to the talk and the words of the hymn were good advice for us today and I'm sure things we needed to hear. So, here are a few blessings from today I want to count:

  • Little Dorrit is slowly being weaned from her oxygen. This will be a very slow process for her but we are glad she is tolerating the change in her oxygen.
  • The blood thinners and Protein C dosages the doctors are giving Little Dorrit seem to be working so far. 
  • So far, I've helped the nurses change Little Dorrit's diapers three times. Ha! Not sure I'd ever thought changing diapers would be a blessing.
Mr. Rochester will be returning to work this next week and I've decided to come home for a few days. I did not make the decision lightly to leave my daughter in the hospital and have been mulling over this for several days.  I now feel peaceful about my decision to come home for a few days. I miss Trotwood and I know he misses both of us. Throughout this whole experience, I have been very emotional and I feel like I gain strength from being here with Mr. Rochester. I think I would probably be more of an emotional mess than I am if I were to stay by myself. Going home for a few days will allow me to recover more from my surgery and I know I can call and check on Little Dorrit at any time while I am away. So, tomorrow, I'll be returning home for a few days and later this week, we plan on returning to St. Louis on Thursday afternoon if we can work everything out. In the meantime, we will keep hoping and praying for Little Dorrit to make more improvements.


Kel said...

We definitely understand the experience of being grateful for dirty diapers! I have really been hoping that the anticoagulants and Protein C dosages would work. I'm so glad to see early progress. Enjoy the time home. I wish you many warm showers, home-cooked meals, quality cuddles with Trotwood, and rest in your own bed. Much love, as always.

Cormorant said...

Blessings are not always easy to see, but I loved hearing your positivity even amid difficult times. I hope your time at home with Trotwood is peaceful and rejuvenating.