Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Acts of Service

I'm not sure what to write tonight. We received a call from the hospital earlier this evening giving us an update on Little Dorrit's condition. She is very edamatous because of all the fluid she has been getting and she is back on 100% oxygen. It seems the priority right now is to help her drain the fluid with the use of diuretics. Her head ultrasound was still the same today and she is on her Protein C concentrate and heparin to help thin her blood. Sometimes, when I think about her condition, I do not feel like she is getting any better...other times, I feel much more hopeful that she could make a recovery.  

Since returning home, we've had so many people show their love and support to us through phone calls, texts, and acts of service. While we were gone, some angels mowed our yard and weeded our planter and we've had people bring us meals the last few nights. A dear friend of mine who is an amazing quilter and blogger at Swim, Bike, Quilt sent us this beautiful baby quilt for Little Dorrit. 
Circles Quilt 1024x845 Finished Quilt: 100 Quilts for Kids
I plan on taking it back to St. Louis with us when we go next and using it in Little Dorrit's bed/room where I can. We truly do appreciate all the love and kindness being sent our way.


Jayme said...

I'm so glad it made it. Wish I could have come and hand delivered it. Love you.

Kel said...

Katie it's beautiful! Aria, thank you for the updates. I hope you're getting some much needed rest and personal physical c-section healing while you're home.

Joeby said...

The quilt is so beautiful. So thankful for the updates and for those who are close to you that can give you some love in person. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly.