Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First day

Trotwood's first day of kindergarten was today. I know I've said this many times, but I seriously can't believe he is old enough to go to kindergarten already! Five years have passed so quickly...and he's definitely not a baby anymore. Trotwood was very excited about going to kindergarten. A few days ago we took him shopping for a few new shirts to wear to school. He picked out a Turtles shirt, a Superman shirt, and two Skylander shirts. The day we bought the shirts, he decided he was going to wear the Turtles shirt on his first day of school. When we got to his classroom this morning, he just sat down at his desk and played with some wooden beads and some leather string his teacher gave him. I feel like Mr. Rochester and I were more worried about him starting school than Trotwood was. Of course, I cried a little when we got back to our car. It's not that I'm sad he's in kindergarten...I'm just worrying over him in a new school on his first day and kindergarten marks a milestone that Trotwood really is growing up, which is what I want him to do of course, I just don't want to forget all the precious moments and memories we've had with him while he's been young.

Several weeks ago, we purchased these BOB books so Trotwood could start learning to read at home. He's been very interested in letters and sounds and would ask us frequently if certain words started with certain letters. At night before he goes to bed, one of us will sit with him as he goes through the book. I think we're on Book 11 now and it's so fun to hear Trotwood sound out the letters and make the connections to words. He still has a lot to work on but I love seeing his smile when he figures out a new word.

At the end of his school day, Trotwood was all smiles when Mr. Rochester picked him up. Mr. Rochester set the phone up so Trotwood could face time with me on their drive home. Seeing Trotwood's happy face made me feel so much better that he would be just fine in kindergarten this year.

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Joeby said...

I can't believe he is starting school either. Time flies!! He will be a fabulous little kindergartener :) I hope the school year is wonderful. You will enjoy all the little programs and things he brings home. Hugs!!