Thursday, July 10, 2014

Swimming lessons

Last week, Trotwood started swimming lessons again. We did them last year and he loved being in the pool and well, he still doesn't know how to swim so we did them again this year. He's slowly progressing but I have a feeling we'll be doing them yet again next year. We just don't get to practice with him any outside of his lessons (also I don't own a maternity swimsuit). Yesterday, at swim lessons, Trotwood wanted me to take a video of him going off the diving board. Last week was his first time this year to jump off the diving board and he was really hesitant about it. He actually had one of his swim instructors pick him up and pretty much place him in the water where the other instructor was waiting. On his next turn, we coaxed him into jumping off himself and he thought that was really fun. Since then he's lost all hesitation to jump off the diving board as evidenced by this video below:

I think it's funny to see how he looks like he is running in the water after he jumps in the water and he tries to "swim" to the pool edge. He just hasn't quite grasped that it's easier to swim when your body is horizontal instead of vertical in the water.


Mrs. Cinnamon said...

Too too too cute!! You can just see all of his energy!!

Sarbear said...

My kids are not natural swimmers and it has taken several(4-5) years of swim lessons to get them to the point that they won't drown easily and they are 8 and 10 now. Some kids do take to it a lot more naturally.