Friday, June 20, 2014

Mr. Rochester's Adventures in Utah

Tuesday, Mr. Rochester left to attend an academic conference held in Provo, UT. Usually, I would have done everything I could to go with him because I would have loved to visit with friends in Utah and revisit some of our favorite places together, but since we are expecting a new baby, I'm trying to save up all of my vacation time for when the baby is born. So, instead, I get to live vicariously through him as he visits his favorite University - the University of Utah.
Check out those blue skies over the almost looks like BYU blue to me. Mr. Rochester and I halfheartedly banter back and forth about BYU and the U but since I'm an alumna from both, I actually love them both. BYU was great for me during my undergraduate program and I loved attending the U as a graduate student.
Mr. Rochester visited Crown Burger and I'm sure got the famous pastrami burger. We miss so many great restaurants in UT like the Red Iguana, the Bombay House, the Training Table, Crown Burger, and more! There were lots of places we wanted to try but never got to and lots of places we never got to see while we were there. Alas, such is the life of a student.
Since Mr. Rochester has been gone, there's been no end to Trotwood saying "I miss Daddy." and "Daddy does it this way." and "Daddy is better at this than you are." and "When is Daddy coming home?" It's actually kind of funny. I've also learned that I'm a horrible working, single (pregnant) mom. Seriously. I admire single parents and all that they do. My sister and sister-in-law have both had to do single parenting from months to years at a time because their spouses were away on active military duty assignments and there is no end to my admiration for them and what they did. (My sister was even pregnant with her second child and had the baby while her husband was on a foreign military tour - pregnant and working full-time while caring for her first child). Amazing. I'm going to try and learn from their examples and be grateful we will be reunited with Mr. Rochester after only a week. 

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