Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day

We had a nice low key Father's Day yesterday. Mr. Rochester spoke in church on fathers in the scriptures and I really enjoyed his talk. His father passed away a few years ago and it was neat to hear Mr. Rochester talk about how even if we don't have our earthly fathers with us, we have the examples of fathers in the scriptures, our Heavenly Father, and other father figures in our lives such as friends, other family members, and home teachers. It was just a good reminder to me to look for even the smallest blessings in my life every day and be grateful for them.

For Father's Day, Trotwood's primary and preschool class both had him answer some questions about his dad and it's funny to compare what he came up with on two different days. According to our four year old son, Mr. Rochester is either 15 or 27 years old, his favorite color is green and blue or orange, he is the best at "karate chops" and he is "as big as applesauce." Oh, and Trotwood loves his dad because they "watch TV all day" and Mr. Rochester "train fights all day long with" him. (Train fighting is a father-son bonding activity in our house, akin to wrestling, that I'll need to write about another day. In fact, I've been meaning to do a scrapbook page about this for some time but because of school, work and being pregnant, I haven't scrapbooked since December! Oh, actually, I found a scrapbook page I did for Project Life last year that talks about "train fighting".) I think my favorite thing on the worksheets is that Trotwood and his dad like to "laugh together." It always warms my heart when I see them just laughing and enjoying being together.
After church yesterday, Trotwood really wanted to go on a family walk so we took a stroll down the street. It turned into a rather warm day but that didn't stop Trotwood from running around and exploring things.

Life is beginning to slow down and I'm ready to enjoy it while I can.

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