Friday, February 14, 2014

Love alters not

I made this layout originally for a challenge at Pixels & Co. and although the challenge ultimately changed, I love how this layout turned out. Lately, the color turquoise has really captivated my attention so much that sometimes, I think want to paint my living room a nice turquoise...if we could ever find the time.

This will probably be the last layout I post for awhile, mainly because I'm taking a break from scrapbooking to finish up my last semester my master's program. It's a little sad for me because scrapbooking is a stress reliever and creative outlet for me, and I also had great plans to actually complete project life layouts this year - I love being able to document what we do from week to week, but I seriously have very little time for little else than schoolwork this semester. But, in a few months the semester will be over and I can resume life as usual. I'll still try to blog here and there but I'm doubtful it will be much to show off my artwork.

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