Thursday, January 9, 2014


Another January 9th...our sweet Betsey Trotwood would be two years old today. Sometimes, I wonder what other parents who have lost a child do on the child's birthday. For us, even though our girls are not currently with us, they are ours and will be forever. Each birthday, we try to have a celebration by getting a cake or doing something fun together as a family, like we would if it were any other family member's birthday. Usually, I try to take off of work that day to make the day extra special although it's not always possible. For me, celebrating helps assuage the loss I may be feeling and makes my heart a little lighter on a day it feels particularly heavy. I think Mr. Rochester feels the same. For our four year old son, it helps him better understand that he does have sisters and even though he doesn't get to play with them right now, they are still a part of our family. We love and remember them.

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Joeby said...

Such a precious picture that you get to have. I know you will have your girls with you one day. They are proud of how strong their mommy and daddy are. Thank you for your wonderful example.