Thursday, October 31, 2013

This is Halloween

Photos of Trotwood from last year's Halloween. We rode around in his wagon for the few houses we visited. He didn't last very long last year because all he wanted to do was run inside people's houses. It sure was fun to see him get all dressed up though.

This year, he was a skeleton and REALLY enjoyed talking to people on their doorsteps and getting candy. After we went trick-or-treating, we came home, watched Hocus Pocus and passed out candy. Before he went to bed, I asked him what his favorite part of Halloween was and he said "Giving out candy." I was surprised to hear that his favorite part wasn't getting candy for himself but passing it out to others. Whenever the doorbell rang, he would immediately stop what he was doing (which usually involved digging through his own candy bag), jump off the couch and run to open the door.


Mrs. Cinnamon said...

Nice! He likes to serve sweet!!

Joeby said...

So sweet!!!