Monday, October 21, 2013

Homemade Rockets

Last week my sister-in-law pointed out that it's been almost a month since I posted on my blog. Life just gets so busy but I'm going to try to remember to post more. Trotwood is currently attending preschool on the University campus and this morning, his class was going to shoot of homemade rockets they'd made out of cardboard and water bottles.

Here is Trotwood with his "rocket." At his preschool, the teachers don't "make" the kids make a project if they don't want. Trotwood's creativity led him to create a rocket sans bottle. So, it's basically a piece of construction paper with tape on it. C'est la vie. I think he just enjoyed being a part of something and creating something, even if it wasn't a true rocket.

The kids all really seemed to enjoy watching the experiment (although I'm not sure we got one rocket ship off of the ground). They loved seeing the bubbling effect that happens when you combine baking soda and vinegar. I think next time, they should use diet coke and mentos. That would really be exciting.

I love that Trotwood goes to preschool on campus now and I can pop over and say hello to him on my lunch break.


Joeby said...

This is so cute! I'm sure he loved making his unique rocket. I am so happy that you can run over and visit him. I know he loves it as much as you. You are a teriffic mommy!! Love you!

Maria said...

I remember when I was at his age and I didn't have things like he has.
Regards :)