Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Since communicating via email with some of the people who responded to my plea on the internet, I started speaking again with the medical professionals we've been working with here and we discovered I was never tested for any sort of blood disorders. So, we've put in the paperwork with my insurance to get approval to do a thrombophilia panel which will test for several different blood disorders. It may take awhile to hear back from the insurance company because they need to review my case for "medical necessity." I know this may sound strange but I actually hope I have some random blood disorder. At least one that could be treated, right? Then, perhaps this would provide an answer to our situation...perhaps not though. And yet, I continue to remain hopeful.

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A Little Tidbit: said...

A little behind on reading but just want you to know that I love you and send hugs. None of us can know what you are going through or how much you are grieving. We pray that someone will have an answer for you. Wonderful photos of those two beautiful daughters that will be with you in the eternities. Hang on, someone will come up with something. If you ever get caught up on your scrapbooking, I have lots you can do for me. Love you Aria!