Sunday, April 7, 2013

We took some photos

We all looked so nice for church on Easter, I wanted to take some pictures. Trotwood is not the most cooperative subject when it comes to photos and we were all tired by the time we got home from church. The photo below pretty much expresses our feelings about taking pictures. (Also, by this time we'd already tried taking photos outside but the sun was uncooperative and we didn't have any decent shade around our house.)

Despite my expression, I was determined to have a few. So we set up the tripod and here's what we got.
I'm not sure what was going on with my bangs in these photos but...oh well, we took some photos.


Mrs. Cinnamon said...

The first one is HILARIOUS!! Good for you for posting it! LOL
The other 3 are PRECIOUS!!! Love them all!!

Sarah said...

These pictures are awesome!! I love em! Miss you guys

Michelle said...

Such a cute little family! Family photos are exhausting with kids! :)