Friday, September 28, 2012

Testing update

So, we finally got back the results from all the genetic testing we had done in August and basically, our situation is still a mystery. Our DNA is normal and we don't have any recessive gene conditions that contribute to this. Mr. Rochester and I weren't really surprised with this outcome - we almost expected not to learn anything but it was good to do the testing to rule out other things. I mean, what else could we do, other than genetic testing, to try and figure this out? Now, our geneticist (I'm getting really good at spelling that word) is working with colleagues and looking into what research is being done elsewhere. Mr. Rochester and I are doing okay. Really. I feel okay about it. Today. I'd still like to find some answers but right now, I feel okay.

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Joeby said...

You are so strong and brave. A total inspiration. Love you bunches!